Your Kids Have Never Seen The Terminator | The Ambush Group

Your Kids Have Never Seen The Terminator | The Ambush Group

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is joke writing. Kids thrive on fun. So, we make church fun; and one of the ways we do that is by using humor within our #kidmin services.

Humor should be a HUGE part of our sketches, dramas and illustrations. I’d even make the argument that if you’re sketch isn’t surrounding a hilarious idea, you should consider thinking of a new idea. Why? Because humor is sticky. How often do we recite a funny story or show someone a funny video we found online? The hilarious sticks with you.

Here’s the problem, though. We’re old. : /

It’s true. Our kids are between 6 and 12 (or younger) and I’m 35. That’s an over 20 year gap. Maybe you’re a young children’s pastor. You’re still at least 10 years older than your kids. Here’s what you have to realize: Naturally, the jokes and pop culture thoughts and ideas you can easily access in your brain are not typically as relevant and resonating to your kids as you might think.

Too often I hear #kidmin pastors writing a joke that includes a reference to a movie like JAWS, Indiana Jones or Princess Bride. How often have you (and I’m so guilty of it) written a bit that included, “I’ll be back!” Most likely your kids haven’t seen The Terminator. Sure, you’ve got a few movie buffs in your class, and as your kids get older their parents will have shown them that film, but more likely than not, it’s funny to you and not even on their radar. There’s a gap.

Writing is half writing what you know and half knowing your audience. So, what do you do from here? Get to know your audience even better. Find out:

  1. What SHOWS they’re watching.
  2. What MOVIES they’re watching.
  3. What APPS they’re using.

I get it. You might feel like you already know, but there’s a great chance you’re missing some of them. If you have kids your #kidmin group’s age, you’re ahead of the gang, but be intentional. Take a moment to actually WATCH these shows. Examine the humor and jokes and implement those into your sketches. Regularly I’ll write a joke based on this idea and think, “I don’t specifically think this joke is funny, but I know they will.”

Connection is your goal. Happy writing. : )


  1. Claire

    This is great! I was recently having a “get to know you” Q&A with our kids who are performing in our Christmas production.  I asked each kid to tell the group what their favorite movie was.  It was a huge wakeup call to me.  I’ve never heard of these movies the kids are watching today! I have a lot of homework to do!

    1. Adam Bush

      It happens. A huge part of our job, as we get older, is to make sure we really understand the next generations’ culture and type of humor. But hey, it means we get to watch a lot more kids’ movies, which is super fun! : )

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