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So, you work within your church’s video department and your pastor has asked you to “start sharing stories in the weekend services.” Awesome. You’re excited about the idea and the possibility of creating some real content that points to Jesus. Now, for the big question:

Where do we find these stories?

There are two things to note: First, know that you’re not alone. Everyone starting out is in this boat. Hopefully that makes you feel better right out of the gate. Secondly, know that it’s a lot of work. (So, take whatever good feelings you had and replace them with despair. j/k) What you’re embarking on is a culture change. You want the people within your church to know that you’re a church that tells stories and you WANT their story. So, how do you begin?

You gotta connect with the connectors.

Stories come from people, so obviously the more people you know the more stories you’ll hear. You have to increase your bandwidth by connecting with the people within your church who are connecting to others. You should be talking to your pastors, outreach leaders, small group leaders, missions directors, anyone who is in the trenches with the people in your church. You want to connect with and be talking to the leaders in your organization who are working with people on a daily basis.

Think about it. When your missions leaders are working out in the cities with their teams, they’re talking and learning about each other. When your pastors walk a couple through marital struggles, they’re there when they come through on the other side. When your small group session ends and someone within the group overcomes an obstacle, who knows about it? The small group leader.

This week, today, immediately, text these people who are connecting with others. Tell ’em, “I’m looking for stories of change. Stories from people who were one way and have overcome a struggle in their life and are now different. Know anyone?” Chances are you’ll get an “oh yeah,” and if you don’t today, you will. Just stay on them.

– AB

P.S. The reason I mentioned earlier that this is a lot of work is because you need to keep at it. It’s taken me a couple years now to be at a place where people are brining me stories without asking, but I promise, connect with these people and STAY connected and you’re well on your way. Don’t believe me? It’s a small group leader who brought me Karen’s Story, and after you watch it, I think we’ll both agree that it’s a dang good story. : )

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