The Kidmin Podcast (Season 1) | The Ambush Group

The Kidmin Podcast (Season 1) | The Ambush Group

My background is in kids ministry. My dad was a #kidmin guy, worked for a #kidmin guy, and I am a #kidmin guy. For about a decade I worked on staff with Kids on the Move, the children’s ministry of Church on the Move in Tulsa, OK. Still, to this day I freelance for KOTM and kids ministries all over the country.

One thing I’ve learned is WE NEED MORE STORIES in our kids’ classes. We need creativity to engage our kids in a way that helps them remember, FOREVER, the stories and promises and Jesus-personified characteristics found in the Bible. So, last year, I started The Kidmin Podcast. Each episode features a conversation with a children ministry leader from around the globe. We talk creativity, storytelling, volunteer training and so much more. We just wrapped season one, which includes 12 episodes for you to sink your ears into. (Gross)

You can find it on iTunes here, and Soundcloud here. Happy listening!

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