Yancy on The Kidmin Podcast

Hey you Kidmin people, you,

I’m so excited about the debut of our newest resource for children’s ministry leaders: The Kidmin Podcast. Each episode tackles one theme in kidmin and includes an interview with a children’s ministry leader passionate about teaching kids.

Each episode of season one releases the first Tuesday of the month, beginning Feb 2017. To hear a preview / teaser episode, visit us on iTunes or SoundCloud.

As you’ll hear in episode 00, our Feb guest is Yancy. Yancy has been a leader in children’s ministry worship for more than a decade and we’re excited to talk all things #kidmin worship. For more info about her ministry, visit YancyMinistries.com; and of course, click either of the images below to subscribe to the podcast.

Feel free to share this post (or the attached Instagram video) with any of your children’s ministry friends who might benefit from this resource.

We hope the podcast is a help and we’ll talk soon!

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