Pete’s New Sled

“Not just any pirates, SNOW PIRATES! They’re the worst kind!”

Pete’s got a new sled he can’t wait to show off, but when Adam asks where he got it, Pete’s got a bit of a tale to tell. Grab your friends and watch our first ever Pete and Penelope short. We can’t wait for you to enjoy it as much as we have!

[ About Pete and Penelope ]

Pete and Penelope is an educational, puppet, television series for preschoolers starring our two favorite siblings who love to have fun! These crazy kids spend their days in the ultimate treehouse, complete with rope swings, secret passage ways, trap doors and so much more. To add to the fun, every time they step inside, the treehouse comes alive with a host of unlikely, wonderful characters.

While there are great educational shows that focus on kids’ IQ, this series focuses on their EQ, or emotional quotient, helping kids develop their emotions and social skills.

Pete and Penelope is currently being prepared to pitch to networks and producers. Visit to stay up to date, or visit Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @PeteAndPenelope.

Pete and Penelope is an intellectual property of The Ambush Group.

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