Adam’s Story

One of my favorite clients over the last three years has been my home church, ChurchOnTheMove. So, instead of only freelancing for them, at the beginning of 2017, I accepted a full-time position with them as a storyteller. Yes, that is my title: Storyteller. Sounds fun to say, but a little interesting on mortgage paperwork. Regardless, so many of the guys I freelance with work at COTM, so it’s a natural fit. For Father’s Day of this year, I wrote and performed a story that happened to me 13 years ago. Here it is, as well as the crew involved.

Creative Director: Angie Woods
Director: Chris Munch
Writer: Adam Bush
DP: Tory Cooper
Cinematographer / Animation Rigging: Garrett Beachy
Art & Sound Design: Andrew Dale
Location Audio: Justen Pang

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