Let’s Start at the Beginning | The Ambush Group

Let’s Start at the Beginning | The Ambush Group

So, a few weeks ago I noticed that every time I visited TheAmbushGroup.com, I got an odd pop-up that promoted DAD JOKES (or whatever holiday was right around the corner, depending on when I visited the site). So, you guessed it, upon digger deeper I learned the site got a bit of malware in it. So, we could either spend a few hundred bucks to get it fixed (maybe) or just start from scratch with an oh-so-convenient Go Daddy “safety plan.” At $6 for a total price, I chose the latter.

That means I had to delete EVERYTHING I’d posted over the last 4 years and start over, which I’m actually enjoying. It’s giving me a chance to redesign the site a bit and really choose the work I want displayed. So, if you’ve been visiting the site for a while, you now know the WHY behind the adjustment.

If this is your first visit, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Adam. I love Disney, the Muppets and This American Life. In short, I’m passionate about the art of storytelling. My background is in children’s ministry and local church work. That’s why a lot of my projects revolve around #kidmin things. Additionally, I do a lot of work for organizations around the country, helping them tell their corporate stories. I’m a writer and producer and most of my projects are a collaboration with my best friends who do similar work. Additionally, my pals and I created The Story Guide, an online master-class style workshop that teaches you to tell stories better in the local church.

Finally, because I just don’t have enough to do, I created an educational, television show for pre-schoolers called Pete and Penelope. Hit the link to learn more about the project, hit this one —–> Pete and Penelope to watch the show.

If you’d like to work together, I’m always accepting submissions (or I’ll least know who can help you). Hit contact to send me / us a message and we’ll have a chat.

Talk to you soon!


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