I’m Adam and I Love the Local Church | The Ambush Group

I’m Adam and I Love the Local Church | The Ambush Group

Hi. My name is Adam Bush and I love the local church.

My parents were traveling ministers and then pastors throughout my childhood. That’s where my passion for the local church started, but even more specifically my love of kids ministry and storytelling.

I started The Ambush Group about four years ago as a way to help businesses and non-profits tell their stories and communicate their messages of hope. It’s also a way for my friends and I to create intellectual properties for kids and families (i.e. Pete and Penelope).

I started The Ambush Group after an 8 year stint in children’s ministry, working in Kids on the Move. I suspected, at that time, my day in #kidmin was over.

The opposite has happened. 

The last three years have been filled with writing and filming sketches for churches all over the country and consulting with kids ministries all over the world. I guess once a kids guy, always so. 😊

My heart is to help kids ministries within the local church build their creative skills into a new era. After all, what’s kids ministry if we aren’t teaching the Bible in the most creative ways? That’s why I’ve used this site to blog as much about kidmin as possible.

Here’s the thing, though. The Ambush Group is a production company, and it can get confusing to clients – and honestly – myself sometimes – to have the children’s ministry stuff and client work in the same place. So, let’s give #kidmin what it deserves: it’s own home.

TheKidminResource.com is that home. Their you’ll find all the previous blogs, links to our social media pages and…OUR PODCAST: The #Kidmin Podcast. This is a podcast dedicated to all things creative in kidmin. This month’s episode (March ’17) features an interview with Kids on the Move’s Dan DeBell. It’s all about communicating from stage!

For a little while, I’ll keep posting the kidmin blogs on both sites, but eventually it’ll all land over there.

Jump over, subscribe, and let’s teach some kids the Bible!

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