I think church should be fun. In fact, I want church to be the most exciting part of a kid’s week. I want them to have a blast, connect with others and ultimately learn how to have a real relationship with Christ.

I believe kids deserve our creativity. They deserve a well thought-through service order, great music, well written sketches, funny characters and “sticky” messages. They deserve to walk out of class and KNOW what they learned.

I’m so passionate about this that I want to help others in these same areas. Many of The Ambush Group’s blogs are based around ideas to empower you in these areas. Soon, we’ll offer resources to download and The Kidmin Podcast, with helpful topics and interviews children’s pastors from some your favorite churches.

Additionally, one of my favorite things is to consult with children’s pastors desiring to grow their ministry. If that’s something you’re interested in, I’ve listed some ways that could work below.



Adam will travel to your church and meet with you and/or your team for all day training and brainstorming. This allows the opportunity to watch your current services, tour your facilities and have real, face to face conversations.

$500 / day + travel and expenses


Adam will meet with your team via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout. These consultations come in (3) one-hour blocks and can be used all at once or spread out over one month. Beforehand, you’ll email the topics and questions you want to discuss and we’ll make the most of every hour.

$150 for (3) one-hour sessions

Email here with questions and to get the conversation started.


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