Free Series Art & Videos | The Story Guide

Free Series Art & Videos | The Story Guide

One of the key elements that makes The Story Guide unique is how it’s driven by church workers for church workers. Daily we’re in the trenches, making it happen within our own local churches. That’s why we started The Story Guide, to help those of you who are leading people closer to Jesus by doing the work you’re called to do everyday.

The Story Guide workshops are a resource, but we want to offer you MORE resources. So in partnership with New Song Church, we’re excited to present to you The Story Guide Resources, a new page on our site with downloadable series art and opener videos. Take a look, have a download and share it with your friends and congregation. What’s that? Your budget’s a little tapped this week. Don’t worry, it’s all free. Free for you, free for them, totally, 100% free.

The Story Guide Resources is in beta, so you’re one of the first to take our site for a test drive. So, click on over and let us know what you think; and if you’d like to have your church’s logo or brand on a particular piece, shoot us an email and we’ll take care of that for you lickity split for just $49.

Thanks for making it happen in the local church. We hope The Story Guide Resources are a big help!

This blog was featured on The Story Guide. The Story Guide is an online, masterclass-style workshop developed to help you tell stories better within the local church. To check out our trailer or to read our free, weekly blog, click here.

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