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Recently I wrote a series of scripts for videos to coincide with Kids on the Move’s latest series, Heart to Heart, all about aligning your actions with God’s heart. The job: write, shoot and edit three character driven videos to communicate each week’s Bible story and identify the practical application associated.

I thought I’d post the videos here as inspiration for ideas of your own, but more importantly I wanted to identify some practical steps I took with this job. I hope they help you write as well. Here we go.

1. I Clearly Identified My Goal

What we’re doing here is educational. Whether I’m teaching character values or the Bible, when I begin a project like this my first questions are, “What do we want our kids to know AND do?” For this series, we wanted our kids to understand speicific stories of Saul and David, and then walk away understanding a practical application from each story. Each week already had a theme – given to me by Kids on the Move – so the entire time I was writing, I kept those themes at the forefront of my writing.

2. I Chose the Strongest Character Available

These videos would be nothing without Watson (the rabbit on the right, if you didn’t notice). Like Pixar teaches us, great films are comprised of a believable world, compelling stories and captivating characters. Kidmin stories are short, so having hilarious, well performed, captivating characters are a must! There’s a time for creating a new character and developing him / her, but when you’re working on a piece with a story you really want your audience to connect with, go for the goods. Use a character you know, has the most in depth personality and can almost help you write the sketch him/herself.

3. I Kept the End in Mind

When I outlined these bits, I got my brain churning pretty early on about the ending. Not only did I want to have that strong statement at the end that wrapped the lesson up, but I wanted a FUNNY, FINAL MOMENT the kids would remember. I thought, “What’s that last moment I want the kids to remember? How can I end the video with them laughing, loving what they experienced?”

Too often I feel like the middle portion of my scripts are good, but the ending just doesn’t have that punch. Not today, people. Not today.

As I said, I’ve posted the videos here, so you can see the final work. I had a great time writing, directing and editing these pieces and the art Kids on the Move provided is just outstanding. Watch, laugh and let me know what you think. Enjoy!


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